As a photographer I study light, form and shape within my images. This series represents a selection from of my studies on these subjects. Using only silk material covering a model I allude to both Fashion and Beauty while at the same time excluded these vanities from the equation out of necessity during the Covid-19 quarantine. The result are images that feel both modern and sleek while shrouded in mystery.
Often times with my work I reference sculpture and in this instance that of Brancusi, Rodin, Serra and Koons. The latter of whom often works in metallics was particularly of interest to my SILK SCULPTURES series. I wanted to give the feeling of metal that was heated and then cooled quickly. Working with high speed flash I was able to achieve the feeling of liquid frozen in time.
These works are in color, although I have eliminated all color by choosing both black and silver silk. The result is that the shiny silk appears as if it is silver or black metal and feels like a black and white photograph. Limiting the color allowed me to focus on my original intent which was light, shape and form.
As the world re-opens and I begin work with my talented friends who are wardrobe, hair and makeup stylists I bring an enlightened enthusiasm for the craft of photography. I cherish their input and expertise as I continue to push the boundaries of what we do. I thank you for what you do and what we are about to do together. – Robert Ascroft